San Rocco Skirental

San Rocco Skirental (Week 50)

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In San Rocco Skirental you can find most of the common ski equipment at a good price. For those, who love to have their skies and boots close to the slope, when the day starts, the San Rocco Skirental offers a location just by the San Rocco Slope 17A in the San Rocco area. Here you will find skies and snowboards from beginners to experts. You can leave your skies and boots for a small fee (if rented in the shop) for the night and have your boots dried for the next day. Need a new helmet, gloves, sunglasses, gogles and more fr a reasonable price you find it here. It does not get any easier to enjoy your skiing holiday. Opening hours: Saturday & Sunday: 8.00 (8 am) to 19.00 (7 pm) Monday to Friday: 8.00 (8 am) to 12.30 (12.30 pm) & 14.30 (2.30 pm) to 19.00 (7 pm)

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