These terms and conditions shall apply to all vouchers purchased from the Livigno4you website, fully owned by:
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At the Livigno4you website, when having registered as a user, you are free to purchase any vouchers listed on the website for skirentals, restaurants, after-ski, bars, shops and supermarkets we have partnered with in Livigno, Italy.

When you create an account and purchase vouchers at Livigno4you you represent that you are at least 18 years of age. Additionally, you accept all Livigno4you's terms and policies, including copyright terms and cookie and privacy policy.

It is the partner in Livigno (not Livigno4you), supplying the vouchers, that you purchase through Livigno4you. Livigno4you is compared to a middleman who only trade discounts on the user's behalf and arrange contact between you as a consumer and our partner.

Livigno4you notes that according to “Act on payment services and electronic money” you have the right to stop or reverse payment transactions.

1. Purchasing

In order to purchase vouchers through Livigno4you you must first register as a user. When creating a user, specify e-mail, password (min. 8 characters, with at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase letter and 1 digit), first and last name which are processed pursuant to Livigno4you's privacy policy.

When purchasing voucher(s) from Livigno4you from one or more of our partners, the voucher(s) will be placed under "My vouchers" under your profile, when the purchase is completed. The transaction of the voucher is done immediately after the online payment is made. If the voucher has not been placed in "My vouchers" after successful payment, please contact Livigno4you. Please notify the partner on arrival/table reservation that you wish to use a voucher from Livigno4you. The voucher must be presented to a partner upon use, for redemption otherwise they are entitled to reject the voucher/discount. Please note that in restaurants you need to inform the waiter when seated and again when asking for the bill.

As a buyer, it is your responsibility to check whether the voucher is consistent with what you ordered. If not, you need to urgently contact Livigno4you.

1.a Cookies

We use cookies to log users in or out.

2. Payment and Security

Payments are immediately deducted on your credit card when you complete your order. The acquisition of your Livigno4you voucher(s) will only be implemented if and when we manage to register the payment. If payment is not successful (eg. because the specified card does not exist, do not have coverage, credit card number is incorrect or the card has reached the credit limit), the purchase of the voucher will not be completed. For security reasons when you purchase from a credit card not issued in Denmark you may be asked to verify your account with a onetime code that you will receive in a text message on your phone. The total price is included any fee when paying with credit card.

The given discounts on Livigno4you are set in accordance with the partner. The total price is the one which appears in your cart upon payment. All prices quoted are recommended prices and are in EUR. The primary domain is ( and will be redirected to Once your payment is completed, you will receive your voucher/s, as mentioned above, under "My vouchers" in your Livigno4you profile.

Livigno4you uses the E-Pay payment solutions for purchasing vouchers by credit card. Livigno4you's Internet trade is approved and certified by Euroline/Bambora. You can pay by VISA, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Maestro.

3. Delivery

If your voucher concerns a product, you accept our suppliers terms of delivery.

If your delivery is delayed or wrongly delivered, and it is not due to an error made by Livigno4you, we cannot be held responsible, and you cannot get a refund of your payment. You need to contact the supplier.

3.1 Particulars concerning "Redemption of voucher from restaurant supplier"

Restaurant partners may be forced to restrict access to a given voucher. For example, the restaurant can earmark a certain capacity at any given time to Livigno4you, why you as a Livigno4you customer may find the restaurant fully booked despite the apparent availability. In that case you will have to come back later. If you wish to use your voucher on a particular day, we recommend that you book a table in advance. You will find phone number and address on all partners on each voucher. Remember to mention that you bring your Livigno4you voucher.

All vouchers must be redeemed by the partner when paying. Vouchers can only be redeemed from your phone. This is done by ticking the redeem box on each voucher.

Copying or tampering with vouchers is not allowed. On suspicion of copying or tampering Livingo4you reserves the right to disclose the relevant information collected to the respective partner and the relevant partner may reject the voucher.

4. Force Majeure

Neither Livigno4you or our partner is responsible for failure to fulfill its obligations under the agreement if the failure of the deal is due to force majeure or compelling circumstances, and the Parties by signing the agreement should have taken the impediment into consideration or later could have avoided it.

5. Returns

You always have 14 days return rights under Danish online shopping law. This, of course, also applies for Livigno4you. Do you use the right of withdrawal it is important that the voucher has not been redeemed (in that case the right of withdrawal waives). In addition, you must provide your name, address, email, telephone number and the voucher it concerns. After that Livigno4you will process your claim and reimburse the amount in case all requirements are met.

Using the right of withdrawal you can only contact us by mail. You find our mail address in the footer on our website. If a single voucher is redeemed in a package deal the right of withdrawal waives.

We will check if the withdrawal meets the conditions thereof, and in that case refund the value of the purchased voucher to you. The value is the price you paid for the voucher (exclusive the card fee as this, in the first place, already has been paid by Livigno4you) This applies whether the voucher has decreased or increased since the purchase.

It is not possible to cancel a purchase after the voucher has been redeemed.

Reimbursement is made to the credit card that was used for purchasing.

Be aware that you have no right to cancel the purchase of vouchers to the following benefits under the Consumer Contracts Act § 18 paragraph. 2:

  • passenger, for example, traveling by plane, bus, train, taxi etc.
  • accommodation, such as staying at the hotel, hostel or campsite and rental of cottage.
  • packages.
  • care, such as restaurants and food service (catering).
  • leisure activities such as cinema, theater, concerts, sporting events, etc.

This depends, however, that it appears on the voucher within which day or specific period the purchased voucher must take place. After redemption of the voucher withdrawl cannot be maintained.

6. Inquiries about errors, complaints and other

If you encounter a defect or problem with your purchase from Livigno4you, we recommend that you contact Livigno4you immediately.

If you discover errors on the voucher or the voucher itself shows otherwise to be defective, you must claim to Livigno4you within a reasonable time. This means that you must contact Livigno4you by e-mail or phone and draw attention to the problem as soon as possible. If the error cannot be remedied by email or phone, you will get instructions about other options.

Complaints about unsatisfactory experiences should be directed to the partner. However, we at Livigno4you would like to hear from you if you have had such an experience with one of our partners. In that case we can respond to it and assist in any future complaints. For the purpose of evaluation of our partners we would like to hear about your experience. On each voucher you can add a comment about the supplier.

No later than February 15, 2016, all European webshops must link to the new European dispute resolution platform.

You can read more about the ODR platform here: opens in another window

6a. Appeals

If you wish to complain about your experience, please contact the partner directly on location. If you fail to find a solution, you can file a complaint to Livigno4you and we will try to be helpful. Does that not solve the issue, you can file a complaint with the Danish authorities at Konkurrence & Forbrugerstyrelsen if the right conditions are met.It should be noted that a reimbursement can maximum be the price of the specific purchased voucher.

It should be noted that a reimbursement can maximum be the price of the specific purchased voucher.

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